1. OurSisterhood Speaks: Purpose in the Pain

We are tired. It’s a word used more frequently today for various reasons, but the truth is, we are all finding ourselves in a state of exhaustion. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this organization, I think even we might find ourselves running on “E” in this current climate.

As my sister and I discussed our first blog post, we debated for nearly 2 weeks about what I’d write. We had lots of ideas, many of them good, many of them a bit premature, but this, a discussion on exhaustion, wasn’t one of them. Until today.

Even finding the energy to type these words and thoughts is requiring me to dig deep. What’s keeping me going, you ask? My sister. And that’s where I find purpose in the middle of a pandemic. So, in an effort to give you a glimpse at what pushing through the pain looks like: tada, here it is.

An Acknowledgement of Pain

I’m tired. We’re tired. The task of convincing our white brothers and sisters that our (BLACK) lives, are worthwhile is taxing and triggering. I recently read a white woman’s post online, where she said that we must change our language to elicit an action not just outrage. Instead of trying to enforce the belief that BLACK lives matter, we should shift the narrative and language towards saving BLACK lives. While I do appreciate the premise of her statement, it is still infuriating that we are still begging for permission to do something that only God should have control over.

Who would have thought that in the year 2020, amidst a worldwide pandemic, the blind eyes of the masses would be opened to the centuries old plight of being BLACK in America? And while I am delighted that this social justice movement has garnered more traction, I am still discouraged and heartbroken at the laundry list of names I have to commit to memory.

Because saying their names is not enough.

Understanding their stories, celebrating their lives and demanding justice on their behalf has become the responsibility of everyone who still has breath in their lungs. And because of this, I am tired. We are tired.

It’s also exhausting to realize that more people than not have a serious issue with addressing their personal biases and prejudices. Confronting white privilege and combating white guilt is so energy consumptive. Between supporting white friends who think “all lives matter” is an acceptable response to our cry for human decency and fairness, or coddling white friends who just can’t believe how terrible things still are, I find myself drained. It is cumbersome to hold someone else’s guilt, shame, and blame. I am tired. We are tired.

The Discovery of Purpose

OurSisterhood was designed to bring a sense of kinship and affinity for women- regardless of age, race, religion and any other defining characteristic that would normally separate us from each other. Our focus has always been to help women find their voices, their passions and their purpose in life, but before we can truly get into that work, we found it imperative to address the current condition of an entire race of people, whose lives are being snuffed out due to the callousness of racism in America.

Maybe you find yourself on the other side of the conversation. Maybe you are someone who has spent years trying to unlearn generations of bigotry and hate. Or maybe you’re an avid supporter of all lives and find yourself overwhelmed by the tensions, fear and angst permeating our country right now. Maybe your loved one is waiting on COVID-19 test results and the thought of what comes next is too much to bear. Maybe working from home has become intrusive on your daily life and you’re just in need of that now postponed vacation, now more than ever. In any case, you’re tired. We’re tired.

In order for us to do the work of discovering and walking in our purpose, we have to address the elephant(s) in the room that keep us from moving forward, making progress and reaching our potential. Even though we’re tired, there is still much to be done!

As a women’s empowerment organization, we have established 3 major principles: Empower. Walk. Shift.

Empower – to give power or authority to complete a task or assignment. OurSisterhood aims to empower women to find their God-given destinies and purpose and support them in their progression towards it.

Walk – to pursue a course of action or way of life. OurSisterhood desires to walk with women throughout their journeys of self-discovery, dream realizations and goal attainment.

Shift – to exchange, replace, reposition, or redirect. OurSisterhood expects women to shift culture in a way that moves society closer to the beloved community into unity and wholeness.

We understand that even in our current crises in health and social justice, it is imperative that we encourage our sistas. Our presence matters! Even when we’re fed up, tired and exhausted, there is still a role and responsibility we have to ourselves, our community and our sisterhood, to keep showing up! How do you go about doing all the things even though you’re tired? You do it with your sistas!

With a nation brimming with change, we have an opportunity to do things differently than ever before. Now that we’ve identified where our hearts break, we can pinpoint exactly where our energy should be directed the most. Although we can’t see each other or provide you with a warm embrace and reassurance that you’re going to make it through this too, be reminded that you’ve got sistas, who are in this with you!

“Let us not be divided by the color of our skin, but be united by the color of our blood.”

t.a. uner

OurSisterhood always has your back! Forward, together, always!